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Second edition
of rowing regatta


Last year’s contest organized by Tumski Hotel was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

In order to continue the tradition of Wroclaw Dragon Boats Race, on 17th August, on Bielarska Island, there took place the second edition of water racing.




Before the contest ICPO set up its stand.

There one could find out about the areas of ICPO activities and take some promotion materials.




This year’s edition was even more popular – there were 17 teams which took part in the race. The members were representing Wroclaw companies and institutions. Each boat held 10 rowers and one drummer, whose role was to set up the rhythm.

The rivalry was really pitched, even though rowing is not the easiest task. Commission members tried to go all out.



During the first round Commission was racing with Kogeneracja on the racetrack. Kogeneracja contestants proved to be better with 9 seconds of advantage.

Second round was a pleasant surprise, since the Commission’s rival was Tumski Hotel, which has been our co-partner for years.


The contest level was really advanced, therefore we should take our hats off to the teams standing on the podium. ICPO ranked on 15th place.




The highlight of the program was a return race between Olympic Champions in Rowing Representation and Poland Champions team – Wroclaw Dragons. After spectacular rally on Odra river, the Olympians reached finishing line as first.

During the whole event the contestants could enjoy the knights’ fight and medieval dancing demonstration, cheerleaders’ show and the ergonometeres competition.

Last update: 2011.09.23