of G2 „Flood” Working Group

"Preliminary flood risk assessment and flood hazard and flood risk maps in the International Odra River Basin"

Wrocław, 2-3 April 2019



On 2-3 April 2019 in Wrocław, workshop of the G2 "Flood" Working Group of the International Commission for the Protection of the Odra River against Pollution took place. The event was mainly devoted to the preliminary flood risk assessment and updating the maps of flood hazard and flood risk in the International Odra River Basin.


Over 50 people took part in the event, among them representatives of the G2 "Flood" Working Group, institutions dealing with water management in the Odra river basin from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as national experts.


On the first day, the speakers presented the results of their work on updating the preliminary flood risk assessment for both the MODO and the Odra river basin countries. Further on, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize with the RAINMAN project, which aims at integrated management in case of extreme rainfall, which as a current environmental threat is related to climate change. Finally, the Copernicus crisis management service, which was created to support environmental and civil protection and safety, was presented.


The second day was devoted to updating the flood hazard and flood risk maps and the INSPIRE Directive. The progress of work on creating a common hydraulic model for the Lausitzer Neisse was also presented. The day was summarized by the presentations referring to the drought risk management in the Odra river basin and the water balance and seasonal forecasts.


We would like to thank all the speakers for their interesting papers, moderators for conducting particular thematic blocks and a discussion summarizing the presented issues, and all the participants for coming and active participation in the discussions.


Below you will find the presentations that were given during the workshops, along with a photo report.


Thank you very much!


ICPO Secretary


Piotr Barański
(Międzynarodowa Komisja Ochrony Odry przed Zanieczyszczeniem, Wrocław)

Agnieszka Śliwa
(PGW Wody Polskie KZGW, Warszawa)

Jana Tejkalová
(Ministerstvo životního prostředí ČR, Praha)

Simon Henneberg
(Ministerium für Ländliche Entwicklung, Umwelt und Landwirtschaft des Landes Brandenburg, Potsdam)

Pavel Balvín
(Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka, v.v.i., Ostrava)

Herbert Brockmann
(Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde, Koblenz)

Pavla Štěpánková
(Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka, v.v.i., Ostrava)

Ramon Hiemcke
(Landesamt für Landwirtschaft, Umwelt und ländliche Räume, Schleswig-Holstein, Flintbek)

Marcin Gil
(PGW Wody Polskie KZGW, Warszawa)

Robert Banasiak, Peter Wundrak
(IMGW-PIB, Wrocław;
Landestalsperren-verwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen)

Ondřej Kosík
(ČHMÚ, Ostrava)

Tamara Tokarczyk
(IMGW-PIB, Wrocław)

Lukáš Pavlas
(Povodí Odry, s.p., Ostrava)

Peter Krahe
(Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde, Koblenz)


Last update: 2019.05.29