Conference 6-7.11.2007

Conference 6-7 November 2007 in Wroc│aw



On 6 – 7 November 2007 the ICOP, with co-financing of the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Wroc│aw, organized in Wroc│aw an international conference entitled “THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE IN THE ODER CATCHMENT AREA”. The conference was attended by over 140 people from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Among others, the participants of the conference included representatives of state and self-governing institutions related to water management, nongovernmental ecological organizations, employees of the Commission, high school students and those interested in the issues.

The aim of the conference was to exchange experience and present progress in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the home countries of the ICPO members.

Lectures covered the following:

1.Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in countries within the Odra Catchment Area

2.Requirements connected to planning in water management in the International Odra Catchment Area.

3.Transboundary cooperation in flood hazard management and connections to planning in water management according to the WFD

4.Data management at an international level within the International Odra Catchment Area

Conference materials are available in all the original language versions in the Polish, Czech and German sections of the

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