Water quality

IMS-Odra - monitoring data from the Odra river basin



Under the requirements of Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive, EU Member States are committed to establishing monitoring programmes for water status in each river basin district.


The IMS-Odra module (International Monitoring Stations - Odra) presents information on selected physicochemical, chemical and biological parameters from international surface water monitoring points.


Nine representative monitoring stations are listed in the International Odra River Basin:

1. Bohumín (Oder, CZ)
2. Wrocław (Oder, PL)
3. Połęcko (Oder above the mouth of the Lusatian Neisse river, PL)
4. "Tripoint PL/CZ" (Hrádek n. Nisou, CZ/PL)
5. Guben (Lusatian Neisse, DE)
6. Kostrzyn nad Odr± (Warta - estuary to the Oder river, PL)
7. Hohenwutzen (Oder, DE)

8. Krajnik Dolny (Oder -  above the mouth of the Rurzyca river, PL)
9. Zalew Szczeciński - C (Szczecinski Lagoon - C, PL)



The IMS-Odra module has been implemented as part of the ICPO Geoportal. An application is available in three language versions:



The IMS-Odra module instructions:


Note: The instruction of the IMS-Odra module applies to the polish version of the geoportal.


The monitoring stations located in the Oder catchment area are marked with red triangles and labels.


Data can be accessed by activating the tool „IMS Odra (Stacje Pomiarowe)” (Station data). This tool is in the main menu (top left corner of the browser window) and it is active when its name is in bold.


A tab will pop out on the right side of the browser window when we choose (click on) the measurement station on the map. In the upper part of the tab there are detailed information about the selected measuring station and in the center part of the tab there are additional options related to the searched parameter. Under the available options you can choose:

  • category and type of parameter,
  • date range for measured values,
  • method of data presentation.


After the correct selection of the above options the table or the chart with IMS-Odra data will be displayed.


In the table view, you can sort data by date or value and you can decide how many rows/values should be displayed on one page (you can choose 10, 20, 50 or 100 values per page).


In the chart view, you can zoom in and zoom out the view of the data. The chart view control instruction is displayed after hovering the cursor over the symbol  "i" . You can also add a second parameter to an existing chart view for comparison purposes.


This tool is presented in the following figures:


Last update: 2023.10.20