Information about ICPO

The ICPO Secretariat



The Secretariat was established to realize and help with tasks defined in the ICPO Convention.


The Secretariat supports the Commission, the Chairman of the Commission, the Heads of Delegations and the working groups in their tasks, it organizes meetings within the framework of the Commission, handels the circulation of correspondence among the Commission members and provides translations as well as interpretation during meetings.

Position First-and surname Phone no. E-mail
Executive manager Piotr Barański 0048 713267470
Secretariat Marzena
0048 713267470
Professional staff Magdalena Stanecka 0048 713267472
Anna Jędrzejczak 0048 713267475
GIS Specialist Rajmund Durał

0048 713267474
Interpreters Aldona Kozar 0048 713267476
Katarzyna Borowicz 0048 713267473
Financial management Anna Bożek 0048 713267477


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Last update: 2023.06.14