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Art contest 2010
"River in the eye of a child"



ICPO art contest results
"River in the eyes of a child"


On 31 May 2010, at the headquarters of International Commission for the Protection of the Oder against Pollution, there took place the final of art contest “River in the eye of a child”, which was addressed to the fourth grade pupils from randomly selected primary schools in Lower Silesia.

The art works were evaluated by the Contest Committee, which comprised of:


  • Marcin Moderski


  • Monika Moderska
  • Marta Bociarska
  • Aldona Kozar
  • Marzena Kurtz-Drzazga


The jury took into consideration the following criteria while evaluating the art works:


  • substantive correctness, consistent with the contest title,
  • originality,
  • creativity,
  • the aesthetics of work.


There were 200 works assessed. Following the rules, Commission selected 12 best pictures, which later will be used in ICPO advertising materials. Nine works earned honorable mentions. In addition, all contestants will receive book prizes. Diplomas and prizes for winners and honorably mentioned persons will be handed over by the ICPO Secretariat Executive manager, in Wroclaw on 21 September 2010.

ICPO sincerely thanks the teachers for their commitment to the whole event and hopes that the cooperation with schools will continue.

Below there are photos of the awarded persons and the name of the school, from which a participant has been reported.

Congratulations to the winners!


The laureates:


Marcin Ławniczak, SP Żmigród


Klaudia Szulc, SP Pęgów


Katarzyna Łukaszewska, SP Żmigród


Michał Basiura, SP Ratowice


Aleksandra Gerszendorf, SP Pęgów


Mateusz Klucznik, SP Czernica


Karol Cieślawski, SP Kiełczów


Apolonia Miążek, SP Pęgów


Marta Kwiatkowska, SP Wrocław nr 12


Julia Smolnicka, SP Wrocław nr 12


Damian Zielonka, SP Czernica


Honorable mentions:


Luiza Kowalska, SP Pęgów


Zuzanna Sawicka, SP Kiełczów


Dominik Sokołowski, SP Żmigród


Klaudia Pawlak, SP Czernica


Magda Nowak, SP Żmigród


Marcin Hermanowski, SP Kiełczów


Mateusz Bajorek, SP Czernica


Wiktoria Bednarska, SP Kiełczów


Marta Zmitrowicz-Ostrowska, SP Czernica

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