of GM „Monitoring” Working Group

"Assessment and sampling of phytoplankton in the International Odra River Basin"

Wrocław, 3-4 September 2018



On 3-4 September 2018, a workshop on the biological quality element "phytoplankton" took place in Wrocław, organized within the framework of the GM Working Group "Monitoring" of the International Commission for the Protection of the Odra River against Pollution. It consisted of a theoretical part, during which the speakers gave their presentations, and a practical part, when water samples from the Odra river were taken.


The workshop was attended by about 30 people, consisting of members of the ICPO’s GM "Monitoring" Working Group, representatives of relevant institutions in the Odra river basin from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as national experts.


During the first day five papers were delivered. Presentations concerned the methodology of sampling of phytoplankton from flowing water and the method of evaluation of these samples. The approaches of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic to this issue were discussed in detail both during the presentations and subsequent discussions that took place after each presentation.


On the second day, in favorable weather conditions, field classes were held. They took place in Wrocław, in the central point of the Kładka Zwierzyniecka. Workshop participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the instruments used by individual countries of the International Odra River Basin Area to take water samples and how the procedure of their preparation for laboratory tests takes place. Samples were taken from the middle of the mainstream of the Odra River, and next appropriately prepared for transport and further research.


Workshop of GM Working Group enjoyed great interest, so once again we would like to thank you for coming and active participation in discussions and involvement in field activities.


Papers delivered during the workshop are listed below.

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