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Significant water management issues



   Dear Citizens of the Oder river basin,
At the end of 2000, the European Union adopted Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2000, which establishes the framework for Community actions in the field of water policy (hereafter referred to as the Water Framework Directive). The Water Framework Directive represents a breakthrough in the field of comprehensive, effective water protection in the European Union for the benefit of man and nature. It organizes, unifies and combines the protection of all water (groundwater, lakes, flowing water and transitional and coastal waters.
The goal of WFD is to reach until 2015 a good ecological status of waters throughout the entire European Union. The main instrument for achieving environmental objectives, required in the WFD, is a water management plan. During its gradual development, there are planned public consultations, where you can take an active part.
- Since the end of 2007 to June 2008 there will be published preliminary overview of significant water management issues identified on the International Oder River Basin District (MODO), to which (during those six months) you can submit your comments.
- Since the end of 2008 to June 2009 there will be published a draft water management plan for MODO with the same long-term deadline for submitting comments.
Common water management plan for MODO provides information concerning the state of the entire basin of the Oder and summarizes all the required actions necessary for water status improvement. But before the water management plan is developed, there must be prepared a preliminary overview of significant water management issues, which will be available to the public.
This text includes the first summary of the problems that have been identified on MODO, the solutions that should be coordinated at the international level within the water management plan.       

Last update: 2011.10.04