Implementation of the EC-Directives

Reports for the European Commission

The ICPO has elaborated reports for the European Commission within the framework of the coordination of the Water Framework Directive:

2004 Report

Contains information about the extent of the Oder Catchment Area, competent authorities, the range of their competences as well as about international cooperation.


Report 2004_ENG.pdf406,58 KB 2009.02.27


map 1 - overview map.pdf1,32 MB 2009.02.27
map 2 - competent authorities.pdf14,52 MB 2009.02.27


2005 Report


Informs of the characteristics of surface and ground waters of the catchment area as a result of human impact on the environment as well as economic analysis of water use.


2007 Report


Presents monitoring programs of quality and quantity of surface and ground water along with monitoring of protected areas, pursuant to Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive.


The above mentioned reports and other raports are available in Polish, Czech and German languages on the corresponding language sections of the page

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