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Organisation chart / Working Groups


Working Group "Water Framework Directive" (G1):

The main objective of the G1 is the coordination of the Water Framework Directive implementation. Among other things, the group draws up a timetable for elaboration of river basin management plans and assigns its realization to particular working groups. The group also informs the Heads of Delegation about any difficulties in realization of the Water Framework Directive and elaborates strategies for informing the public.


Working Group “Flood” (G2):

The main objective of the G2 is the implementation monitoring of the “Program for flood prevention in the Oder catchment area”, and resulting from this – analysis and modernization of data base used for the assessment of a flood course. Moreover, the group is responsible for analyzing development plans, which are drawn up to minimize the potential of flood damage, estimating costs and the assessment of ecological influence and results. The group draws up proposals pertaining to the improvement of flood reporting and forecasting system, it cooperates with institutions that deal with flood issues (e.g. cooperation with NGOs in the Oder catchment area).


Working Group “Accidental Pollution” (G3):

The scope of the group’s activities includes updating the International Warning and Alert System as well as designing the International Contingency Plan for the Oder. The group also prepares guidelines for preventive measures in order to minimize the risk and influence of unforeseen pollution. Moreover, the G3 group regularly updates the list of potential sources of accidental pollutions.


Working Group “Legal Issues” (G4):

The G4 is responsible for legal interpretation of the ICPO Convention as well as the Rules of Procedure of the ICPO, or any potential additional procedures passed by the Commission. The group draws up complementary legal regulations, clarifies procedural issues and assists in organization of the ICPO.


Working Group “Data Management” (G5):

The priority of the G5 group is to support all ICPO groups with data and GIS services. So far the group was responsible e.g. for the drawing up of maps of the International Odra River Basin District for the Water Framework Directive implementation. The G5 elaborates conceptions for concerning applications of an ICPO GeoPortal as well. The G5 also prepares the HWSGIS project concerning the preparation of flood hazard maps in accordance with the Flood Directive as an additional GeoPortal application.


Sub-working Group “Monitoring” (GM):

The GM group is responsible for drawing up a monitoring system for the International Oder Catchment Area that is based on national monitoring points and national data. The objective of the GM group is the identification and presentation of quality and quantity condition of waters in accordance with the Water Framework Directive, as well as deficits in relation to the WFD goals and long-term development trends


Sub-working Group "River Basin Management Plan" (GP):

The GP group has been assigned a task of identifying the significant water management issues for the International Oder Catchment Area. The group also coordinates activities related to elaborating national river basin management plans and programs of measures in order to draw up a plan for water management for the International Oder Catchment Area. Besides the above, the GP group supports bilateral cooperation on trans-boundary surface and groundwater bodies and in protected areas.

Last update: 2016.06.24